Dog Damage and Your Lawn

We all love our dogs and they are important members of our families. There is nothing like their unconditional love, but our best can cause damage to our lawns. We face the dead looking patches with overgrown, dark green rings, wear or race track look on the lawn or simple dug up areas.

images  When a dog uses the same spot to urinate, a buildup of salt and nitrogen from ammonia can develop to toxic levels for grass or      plants. The first thing in the morning and after you return from work or extended time away from home is the worst for concentration levels.  The best solution for this is to walk your dog at these times or heavily water the spot where elimination occurs. You may also want to try training your dog to eliminate in one area of the yard. male dogs may be a bit easier because of their nature to mark many places  instead fully eliminating in one single spot. Be aware that damage can still occur to plants and shrubs with regard to repeated markings.


Dogs will be dogs. They like to run and dig. You may want to section areas of your lawn to help with the paw traffic areas to reduce the amount of use each section obtains. This will help give sections of grass time to recover between rotations. Mow high and keep it on the dry side. If you need to water, provide a week’s worth of water in a good long soaking. If all else fails you may want to make a running path in the damaged area with an English Ivy that doesn’t show the problem as much.

There a few ways to help with dogs digging. They dig because they like the smells that come from newly dug soil, it provides a cool spot to lay and it is in their nature. An easy solution is to choose an area in our yard, till, the soil and get them started digging there with much praise. Another solution is to fence off areas or limit areas you allow your dog to go.

Having a dog in your life is a joy and you will need plenty of patience – even with your landscaping. You will need to find your level of acceptability, flexibility and keep a positive attitude. Enjoy your friend!


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