Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

Do your mosquitoes follow you into your car or house?

Are they out from dawn through dusk?

Are your mosquitoes black with a white stripe running down its back?

If you answered yes to these questions, you have Asian Tiger Mosquitoes!

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes have a life span of about two weeks. Their flight range is only about 100 – 200 yards from their breeding ground. They breed in small containers you may not even think about as a breeding area for mosquitoes. They look for small water holding containers that hold even the smallest amount of water. Check your property for stagnant water in any of the following and dump the water out:

wheel barrels, flower pots, bird baths, outside furniture, tires not on cars, tarps, all containers, plastic toys with any way to hold a tiny bit of water, plastic wheels on toys and corrugated drain pipes off of downspouts. Check everything on your property for stagnant water. If items are too big to dump water from, try a mosquito dunk. Talk to your neighbors about making sure their property is breeding ground free.

Be vigilant and good luck!    images[1]

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