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Stephen Lange of ITMS was featured in October/November 2010 issue of The Garden Club of America Bulletin. Read the original article linked below, or read it here:

Pruning tips help Talbot County GC cope with storm tree damage

Following the record-setting blizzards of 2010, Talbot County GC on Maryland’s Eastern Shore held two pruning workshops to try to repair, or despair, some of the damage that Mother Nature (and probably Father Nature, too) brought to the club’s Historical Garden in Easton and members’ own gardens.

Stephen Lange of Integrated Turf Management Systems (ITMS), who uses only natural, organic products, demonstrated correct pruning methods for many different plants (especially boxwood) that were affected by the extreme winter weather. More than fifteen members participated in these learning lessons.

– Bobbie Brittingham, Talbot County GC (MD), Zone VI

Pruning Tips from Stephen Lange

  • Keep tools sharp and clean.
  • Sharpening is easy with a small sharpening stone and a few strokes in one direction on the blade. After using, wipe with tea tree oil. (He has had the same clippers for 23 years and changed blades once)
  • Break English boxwood branches from the inside of the plant.
  • Prune with clippers on Japanese and American boxwood.
  • Cut or saw at an angle very slightly above the collar where the limb/branch joins. Cutting too far away will create sucker growth.
  • Most spring flowering plants should be cut after flowering and before too much new growth happens. Waiting too long cuts off the flowers for next year.
  • Do not let shrubs get out of control and expect that one massive cutting will do the job.
  • Do corrective pruning and shaping to a shrub when it is young. Train it to stay in bounds when it is young and it will grow up to be respectful.

View the original article here: Pruning tips help Talbot County GC cope with storm tree damage

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