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The three common sawflies are roseslug, hibiscus, and dogwood. The larvae feed on Knock Out roses, rose mallow, Hibiscus moscheutos     and hybrids of H. palustris, H. militaris, and H. lasiocarpus. The larvae causes a window pane effect on host plants and will consume most of the leaves on the host plant as it […]

Japanese Beetles

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Japanese Beetles have arrived in force! This is due to the rainfall last summer that increased survival of the eggs.These beetles skeletonize foliage by feeding between the leaf veins. Assassin bugs, parasitoids, ground beetles, ants, birds, skunks and raccoons are the natural enemies to the japanese beetle. Removal of these beetles can include hand removal […]

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

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Do your mosquitoes follow you into your car or house? Are they out from dawn through dusk? Are your mosquitoes black with a white stripe running down its back? If you answered yes to these questions, you have Asian Tiger Mosquitoes! Asian Tiger Mosquitoes have a life span of about two weeks. Their flight range […]

Dog Damage and Your Lawn

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We all love our dogs and they are important members of our families. There is nothing like their unconditional love, but our best can cause damage to our lawns. We face the dead looking patches with overgrown, dark green rings, wear or race track look on the lawn or simple dug up areas.   When […]

Eastern Tent Caterpillars

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Keep watch for eastern tent caterpillars emerging from egg masses and migrating to forks in tree branches to form tents. Natural enemies such as birds, parasitoids and assassin bugs help to keep the insect under control. Tearing the tent to expose larvae to predators will assist with some control. Insecticidal soap applied to tent and […]

Insect Predictions

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Brian Kunkel, Ornamental IPM Specialist, from the Cooperative Extensions Ornamentals Hotline posted an article in the March 21, 2014 issue 1 stating that the cold winter may have affected insects this year. He stated that borers would probably be fine because they are protected with their host plants. Insect pests with overwintering larvae or pupae […]

Why go organic?

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Synthetic fertilizers are sold to most homeowners with the idea to apply three to four times a year. These fertilizers are concentrated, water-soluble nutrients that feed your grass immediately. The grass is very green, but did you know that the excess can wash out of the root area and into the watershed? The EPA requires […]

Early Spring To Do List

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     The weather is getting warmer and it is time to get outside! Your landscape needs your attention so it will look great.      You need to finish pruning trees and late flowering shrubs. Take the time to look at the natural shape before pruning, prune out suckers and water spouts, and remove […]


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    Pruning has many benefits for trees and shrubs in your landscape. Pruned trees are safer and have a better appearance. Removing dead or dying branches promotes plant and tree health. The best time to prune is while trees and plants are dormant in winter. It is generally best to wait until the coldest […]


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You have all heard that mulching your plant beds is aesthetically pleasing, promotes moisture for your plants and reduces weeds, but did you know it does so much more? Mulch in your beds keeps the soil cool in the summer and warm in the winter, reduces stress in shallow-rooted plants, encourages beneficial organisms and provides […]